Adam Deering Start-up Advice Part 5: Pricing

Hello all, Adam Deering here. Hope you’re all doing well.

In this instalment of my business start-up advice series I’ll be discussing various factors concerning product and service pricing, and how to go about finding your product’s value.


Working out the correct price of your products or services may seem like an afterthought compared to other aspects of forming a new business, but actually, formulating a well-thought, optimum pricing structure will help maximise your profits.


One of the first steps in setting your businesses’ prices, involves a lot of research. Developing an in-depth knowledge of your market, competitors and customers is essential to your success as a start-up. Find out how much businesses in a similar area are selling their products or services, and how their customers react. Also look into your competitor’s services, they might charge a low price, but they also might provide low-quality results.

Knowing your audience is also key to setting your businesses’ prices. Try and find out how much your potential customers are willing to spend, and how often they are willing to use services like your own.


An important part of effective pricing comes directly from your costs. After establishing your variable costs (materials, packaging, etc) and overheads (fixed costs such as rent), you can begin to work out how much your business needs to earn. By adding together your businesses’ total costs then you’ll begin to arrive at a breakeven figure; an amount you’ll need to recoup in order to stay afloat as a business.

Next time: I’ll be discussing pricing and profit, and what methods you can utilise.

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