Adam Deering Start-up Advice Part 4: Funding

Adam Deering Business Start-up Advice

Hello everyone, Adam Deering here. Welcome back to this week’s installment of my start-up advice blog series.

When it comes to forming your start-up, business or big idea, funding can be one of the biggest challenges you face. Raising enough cash to get the ball rolling is essential to any start-up not matter your businesses’ size or scale. But having worked out your costs (discussed in my earlier blogs) you can now consider how you will go about finding funding.

Personal finance

Normally the first port of call when it comes to raising money; self-funding a business is a viable option for many business owners. Using personal savings is a great way to inject cash into your ideas and to get things moving along.

But for most, when starting up, personal finance won’t be enough to fund your business. And that’s why many entrepreneurs look to find money for other sources closer to home.

Borrowing from friends and family is a great option when it comes to raising funds, but it’s always important to be realistic. Remember, just because you know them does not mean you can mislead or squander their money. Treat any investor, friend or not, with respect and inform them of business developments and return on investment.

Banks and loans

A staple of business funding for generations, Bank lending is a tried and tested method which yields results. But in recent years, things have become more complicated, and securing loans, business overdrafts and credit cards has become difficult.

But still, going to a bank for funding is a solid route to take, and can help to keep your company afloat. Do your research and prepare a business plan to present to lenders, not only will banks help fund your start-up but they also may be able offer sound business advice moving forward.

Other forms of funding

As many businesses are formed by entrepreneurs straight out of education, it’s important to consider the resources available to you. If you have recently graduated in the past four or five years, you and your business may be eligible to receive a grant or loan. Check with your university or local council. Not only will you have access to a wide variety of tools and business help, but you may be entitled to extra funding.


Next time I’ll be discussing how to establish pricing within a business.

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