About Me

Hello I am Adam Deering. For those that don’t know me, I am a professional who has established a career in the diverse field of financial business with a specific focus on big data.

The vast majority of my career has been devoted to various projects in the fields of finance and big data. Big data is the subset of the finance industry which focuses on the collection and analysis of high volumes of data concerning traditional business practices from emerging sources such as social media. The finance industry of the modern day is vastly different from the one we were living in even ten years ago. Modern concepts such as social media profiles, smartphones and SEO have forever changed the way we look at and collect data concerning the finance industry. As the world has changed, so has the industry and it makes working in such a sector more fascinating than ever.

My specialisation in the field of big data has served me well throughout the course of my career, a career which has seen the birth of Coleman Charles Properties Limited. Coleman Charles Properties Limited is a company under total ownership by myself and as such I have had a pivotal role in building it and ensuring its success. Coleman Charles Properties Limited manages multiple, mainly commercial properties with a sizable multi-million pound portfolio behind us. Our portfolio is undergoing a process of diversification as it grows and we acquire new properties.

I am also a shareholder in and director of Globenet Solutions; an IT reseller specialising in servers, storage and visualisation, incorporating backup, disaster recovery and business continuity. A start-up which saw its first beginnings only three years ago, Globenet has grown to such a point that it now sees an annual multimillion turnover. There are many areas of this diverse industry we specialise in, however we have been particularly successful in striking lucrative deals with key blue chip companies.

Throughout my career I’ve established myself as a key player in the modern finance industry with a key emphasis in big data. Going forward I’m going to take both my knowledge and experience to ensure that I continue to contribute to this evolving industry.

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