Adam Deering Start-up Advice Part 5: Pricing

Hello all, Adam Deering here. Hope you’re all doing well. In this instalment of my business start-up advice series I’ll be discussing various factors concerning product and service pricing, and how to go about finding your product’s value. Pricing Working out the correct price of your products or services may seem like an afterthought compared […]

Adam Deering Start-up Advice Part 4: Funding

Hello everyone, Adam Deering here. Welcome back to this week’s installment of my start-up advice blog series. When it comes to forming your start-up, business or big idea, funding can be one of the biggest challenges you face. Raising enough cash to get the ball rolling is essential to any start-up not matter your businesses’ […]

Adam Deering Start-Up Advice Part 3: Overheads

Hello all, Adam Deering here. As we continue to discuss the finer points of starting a business, this blog will pick up where we left off last time. And where my last post detailed how to go about calculating costs, this article will go into the processes involved with business overheads. Overheads Overheads, or fixed […]